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Welcome, educators! The Valentien exhibit's Teacher's Resource Guide is available in  English or Spanish . This guide includes an exhibition overview, background information, glossary, references, classroom activities, and a Museum visit exercise.

Download Teacher's Resource Guide in English (*PDF)
Download Teacher's Resource Guide in Spanish (*PDF)

This guide will assist educators in lesson planning around this fascinating exhibit. This exhibition included 80 stunning watercolor paintings of California plants painted in the early 1900s by Albert R. Valentien.

In conjunction with the exhibit, a full-color book, Plant Portraits: the California Legacy of A.R. Valentien , about the watercolors, the artist, the historical context of his work, and the importance of conservation of native California habitats, has been published by the Irvine Museum in collaboration with the San Diego Natural History Museum. This volume includes over 325 color plates from the collection, finally published almost 100 years after their creation. The exhibition completed its San Diego showing on September 7, 2004, after which it toured the United States through 2009.

The guide is in Adobe® Acrobat's PDF file format. If you don't have the Acrobat reader on your computer, you can download it freely at Adobe's website .