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Southern Gulf Islands (2018)

From November 8-20, 2018, 25 scientists and volunteers visited 15 different islands in the southern portion of the Gulf of California to gather information on the status of terrestrial biodiversity of these islands. The expedition researchers documented a remarkable number of new records for the islands: 114 new plant records, 2 new herpetological records, and at least a dozen entomological records. Additionally, expedition participants submitted over 3000 new records to iNaturalist, representing at least 450 species. Unfortunately, non-native species continue to be a challenge for native diversity on the islands. In particular, 20 non-native plants previously unknown from the islands were found. Furthermore, evidence of feral cats was found on three islands and wild goat numbers on Isla Cerralvo are particularly concerning. A puclication on the findings of the trip is forthcoming.