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Spiders of Baja California

The following checklist is preliminary and hopefully will be useful for environmental management and planning as well as a starting point for further biological studies of the regional spider fauna. Citations refer to papers with locality information, descriptions, or nomenclatural notes. As the author is relatively new to arachnology having "jumped ship" from herpetology he welcomes any comments, additional records and, especially, corrections. Classification generally follows Roth (1993). Families are arranged alphabetically within the mygalomophs and araneomorphs to permit more efficient access to a particular taxon by those unfamiliar with spider taxonomy. This list shows 43 families, 151 genera and as many as 411 species.

BCN= Estado de Baja California (Norte) 
BCS= Estado de Baja California del Sur
? = occurs in San Diego, Imperial or Yuma Counties, may occur in Mexico

 Bothriocyrtum californicum (O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Simon 1891, C.P. Smith 1908, BCN
 Aptostichus cabrillo Bond,  Bond 2012, BCN
 Aptostichus icenoglei Bond,  Bond 2012, BCN
 Aptostichus simus Chamberlin, Chamberlin 1917, Bond 2012, BCN
 Aptostichus sp., BCN, BCS
 Actinoxsia sp.,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Myrmekiaphila sp.,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Promyrmekiaphila sp.,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Euagrus josephus Chamberlin,  Coyle 1988, BCN, BCS
 Hexurella encina Gertsch & Platnick,  Gertsch & Platnick 1979, BCN
 Hexurella rupicola Gertsch & Platnick,  Gertsch & Platnick 1979, BCN?
 Megahexura fulva (Chamberlin), Gertsch & Platnick  1979, BCN?
 Aphonopelma eutylenum Chamberlin,  Chamberlin 1940, BCN?
 Aphonopelma griseum Chamberlin,  Chamberlin 1940, BCN
 Aphonopelma helluo (Simon),  Prentice 1997, BCN
 Aphonopelma prosoicum Chamberlin,  Chamberlin 1940, BCN
 Aphonopelma reversum Chamberlin,  Chamberlin 1940, BCN?
 Aphonopelma steindachneri (Ausserer),  Prentice 1997, BCN
 Agelenopsis aperta (Gertsch),  Chamberlin & Ivie 1941, Roth & Brown 1986, BCN?
 Agelenopsis potteri (Blackwall),  Roth & Brown 1986, BCN
 Calilena peninsulana (Banks),  Chamberlin & Ivie 1941, Roth & Brown 1986, BCS
 Calilena stylophora Chamberlin & Ivie,  Chamberlin & Ivie 1941, BCN
 Hololena dana Chamberlin & Ivie,  Chamberlin & Ivie 1942a, Roth & Brown 1986, BCN?
 Hololena septata Chamberlin & Ivie,  Chamberlin & Ivie 1942a, Roth & Brown 1986, BCN?
 Novalena sp.,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010
 Rothilena cochimi Maya-Morales & Jiménez,  Maya-Morales &  Jiménez 2013, BCS
 Rothilena golondrina Maya-Morales & Jiménez,  Maya-Morales &  Jiménez 2013, BCS
 Rothilena griswoldi Maya-Morales & Jiménez,  Maya-Morales &  Jiménez 2013, BCS
 Rothilena naranjensis Maya-Morales & Jiménez,  Maya-Morales &  Jiménez 2013, BCS
 Rothilena pilar Maya-Morales & Jiménez,  Maya-Morales &  Jiménez 2013, BCS
 Rothilena sudcaliforniensis Maya-Morales & Jiménez,  Maya-Morales &  Jiménez 2013, BCS
 Rualena magnacava Chamberlin & Ivie,  Chamberlin & Ivie 1942a, BCN?
 Tegenaria pagana C.L. Koch,  Roth 1968, Roth & Brown 1986, BCN?
 Amaurobius agastus (Chamberlin),  Leech 1972, BCN?
 Amaurobius latescens (Chamberlin),  Leech 1972, BCN?
 Amaurobius palomar Leech,  Leech 1972, BCN?
 Callobius severus (Simon),  Leech 1972, BCN?
 Zanomys californica (Banks),  Leech 1972, BCN?
 Zanomys feminina Leech,  Leech 1972, BCN?
 Metaltella simoni (Keyserling),  Leech 1972, BCN?
 Anyphaena californica (Banks),  Platnick 1974, BCN?
 Anyphaena crebrispina Chamberlin,  Platnick 1974, BCN?
 Anyphaena dixiana (Chamberlin & Woodbury),  Platnick 1974, BCN?; Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Anyphaena gertschi Platnick,  Platnick 1974, BCN
 Anyphaena pacifica (Banks),  Platnick 1974, BCN?
 Hibana cambridgei (Bryant),  Platnick 1974, Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCN
 Hibana incursa (Chamberlin),  Platnick 1974, BCN, BCS
 Lupettiana mordax (O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Platnick 1974, BCN, BCS
 Wulfila immaculellus (Gertsch),  Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Aculepeira packardi (Thorell),  Levi 1977b, BCN?
 Allocyclosa bifurca (McCook),  Levi 1977a, Levi 1999, BCS
 Araneus andrewsi (Archer),  Levi, 1971, BCN
 Araneus bispinosus (Keyserling),  Archer 1951, Levi 1973, BCN?
 Araneus detrimentosus (O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Levi 1973, BCN
 Araneus gemma (McCook),  Levi 1971b, BCN?
 Araneus gemmoides Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1971b, BCN
 Araneus montereyensis (Archer),  Levi 1973, BCN
 Araneus pegnia (Walckenaer),  Berrian, Ruiz, & Clark 2010, BCN 
 Araneus pima Levi,  Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Argiope argentata (Fabricius),  Levi 1968, Hoffmann 1976, BCN
 Argiope blanda O. Pickard-Cambridge,  Levi 1968, BCN
 Argiope trifasciata (Forskal),  Levi 1968, Hoffmann 1976, BCN
 Carepalxis perpera (Petrunkevitch),  Levi 1991, BCS
 Cyclosa berlanderi Levi,  Levi 1999, BCS
 Cyclosa caroli (Hentz),  Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Cyclosa conica (Pallas),  Levi 1977a, BCN
 Cyclosa turbinata (Walckenaer),  Levi 1977a, BCN, BCS
 Cyclosa walckenaeri (O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Levi 1977a, BCN, BCS
 Eriophora edax (Blackwall),  Levi 1971a, BCN?, BCS
 Eustala californiensis (Keyserling),  Levi 1977a, BCN, BCS
 Eustala conchlea (McCook),  Levi 1977a, BCN, BCS
 Eustala rosae Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1977a, BCN, BCS
 Gasteracantha cancriformis (Linnaeus),  Levi 1978, BCN, BCS
 Larinia directa (Hentz),  Levi 1975, BCN
 Larinia famulatoria (Keyserling),  Levi 1975, BCN?
 Mangora fascialata Franganillo,  Levi 1975, BCS
 Mastophora cornigera (Hentz),  Levi 2003, BCN?, BCS
 Metepeira arizonica Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1977b, BCN
 Metepeira comanche Levi,  Levi 1977,   Jiménez 1990, BCS
 Metepeira crassipes Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1977b, BCN, BCS
 Metepeira foxi Gertsch & Ivie,  Levi 1977b, BCN?
 Metepeira grandiosa Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1977b, BCN?
 Metepeira grinnelli (Coolidge),  Levi 1977b, BCN?
 Metepeira ventura Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1977b, BCN
 Micrathena funebris (Marx in Banks),  Levi 1985, Levi 1978, BCN, BCS
 Micrathena  sexspinosa (Hahn),  Levi 1985, BCS
 Neoscona oaxacensis (Keyserling),  Levi 1971c, BCN, BCS
 Neoscona orizabensis (F.O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Ocrepeira ectypa (Walckenaer),  Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Ocrepeira globosa (F.O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Levi 1993, BCS                               
 Ocrepeira redempta (Gertsch & Mulaik),  Levi 1993, BCN, BCS
 Parawixia acapulco Levi, Levi 1992, BCS
 Nopsides ceralbonus Chamberlin,  Chamberlin 1924, Jiménez 2011, BCN, BCS
 Orthonops icenoglei Platnick,  Platnick 1995, BCN?
 Orthonops ivei Platnick,  Platnick 1995, BCN?
 Orthonops johnsoni Platnick,  Platnick 1995, BCN?
 Orthonops overtus Chamberlin,  Platnick 1995, Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCN, BCS
 Orthonops ovalis (Banks),  Platnick 1995, BCS
 Tarsonops sectipes Chamberlin,  Jiménez 1988a, BCN, BCS
 Tarsonops sternalis (Banks),  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Clubiona sp.,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Castianeira alfa Reiskind,  Reiskind 1969, BCN?
 Castianeira athena Reiskind,  Reiskind 1969, BCN
 Castianeira dorsata (Banks),  Reiskind 1969, Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCN, BCS
 Creugas bajulus (Gertsch),  Gertsch 1942, Bonaldo 2000, BCN, BCS
 Creugas comondensis Jiménez,  Jiménez 2007, BCS
 Creugas guayacura Jiménez,  Jiménez 2008, BCS
 Septentrinna bicalcarata (Simon) , Bonaldo 2000, BCN
 Leptoctenus sonoraensis Peck,  Jiménez 2004, BCS
 Cybaeus tardatus (Chamberlin),  Chamberlin & Ivie 1932, Roth & Brown 1986, BCN
 Badumna longinqua (Koch),  Leech 1972, BCN
 Blabomma californicum (Simon),  Roth & Brown 1986, BCN
 Dictyna cholla Gertsch & Davis,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Dictyna tucsona Chamberlin,  Jiménez 1988a, BCN, BCS
 Mallos niveus O. Pickard-Cambridge,  Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Mallos pallidus (Banks),  Jiménez 1988a, BCN, BCS
 Saltonia incerta (Banks),  Roth and Brown 1975, BCN?
 Tricholathys monterea (Chamberlin & Gertsch),  Chamberlin & Gertsch 1958, BCN?
 Yorima angelica Roth,  Roth 1956, BCN
 Diguetia albolineata (O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Gertsch 1958, BCN?
 Diguetia canites (McCook),  Gertsch 1958, Jiménez 1990, BCS
 Diguetia mojavea Gertsch,  Gertsch 1958, BCN?
 Diguetia signata Gertsch,  Gertsch 1958, Berrian, 2010, BCN
 Diguetia stridulans Chamberlin,  Gertsch 1958, BCN
Cheiracanthium inclusum (Hentz),  Edwards 1958, Jiménez 1988a, BCN, BCS
 Filistatinella palaciosi Jiménez & Palacios,  Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCS
 Filistatinella sp.,  Jiménez 2004, BCS
 Filistatoides sp.,  Jiménez 2004, BCS
 Kukulcania hibernalis Hentz,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCN, BCS
 Kukulcania utahana Chamberlin & Ivie,  Jiménez 2004, BCS
 Callilepis eremella Chamberlin,  Platnick 1975, BCN
 Callilepis gosoga Chamberlin & Gertsch,  Platnick 1975, BCN
 Cesonia cerralvo Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1980a, BCS
 Cesonia classica Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1980a, BCN, BCS
 Cesonia gertschi Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1980a, Jiménez 1990, BCS
 Cesonia leechi Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1980a, BCS
 Cesonia rothi Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1980a, BCN?
 Cesonia trivittata Banks,  Platnick & Shadab 1980a, BCN, BCS
 Drassodes saccatus (Emerton),  Platnick & Shadab 1976a, BCN
 Drassyllus arizonensis (Banks),  Platnick & Shadab 1982, BCN, BCS
 Drassyllus conformans Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1982, BCN
 Drassyllus insularis (Banks),  Platnick & Shadab 1982, BCN, BCS
 Drassyllus mirus Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1982, BCS
 Drassylus mormon Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1982, BCN, BCS
 Drassylus ojus Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1982, BCN, BCS
 Eilica bicolor Banks,  Platnick 1975, BCN
 Gertschosa concinna (Simon),  Platnick & Shadab 1981, BC?: No specific locality, Paris Museum
 Gnaphosa fontinalis Keyserling,  Platnick & Shadab 1975a, BCS
 Gnaphosa maritima Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1975a, BCN
 Gnaphosa salsa Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1975a, BCN
 Gnaphosa synthetica Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1975a, BCN
 Haplodrassus chamberlini Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1975b, BCN
 Haplodrassus dixiensis Chamberlin & Woodbury,  Platnick & Shadab 1975b, BCN?
 Haplodrassus maculatus (Banks),  Platnick & Shadab 1975b, BCN
 Haplodrassus signifer (C.L. Koch),  Platnick & Shadab 1975b, Jiménez 1990, BCN?, BCS
 Herpyllus bensonae Fox,  Platnick & Shadab 1977, BCN, BCS
 Herpyllus convallis Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1977, BCS
 Herpyllus gertschi Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1977, BCN?
 Herpyllus hesperolus Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1977, BCN
 Herpyllus propinquus (Keyserling),  Platnick & Shadab 1977, BCN, BCS
 Litopyllus realisticus (Chamberlin),  Platnick & Shadab 1980b, Jiménez 1990, BCS
 Micaria capistrano Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1988, BCN
 Micaria deserticola Gertsch,  Platnick & Shadab 1988, BCN, BCS
 Micaria jeanae Gertsch,  Platnick & Shadab 1988, BCN?, BCS
 Micaria nye Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1988, Berrian & Ruiz & Clark 2010, BCN
 Micaria palliditarsus Banks,  Platnick & Shadab 1988, BCN
 Micaria pasadena Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1988, BCN
 Nodocion eclecticus Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1980b, BCN, BCS
 Nodocion utus (Chamberlin),  Platnick & Shadab 1980b, BCN
 Nodocion voluntarius (Chamberlin),  Platnick & Shadab 1980b, BCN
 Scopoides asceticus (Chamberlin),  Platnick & Shadab 1976b, BCS
 Scopoides cantharius Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1976b, BCN?
 Scopoides kastoni Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1976b, BCN?
 Scopoides naturalisticus (Chamberlin),  Platnick & Shadab 1976b, BCN
 Scopoides nesiotes (Chamberlin),  Platnick & Shadab 1976b, BCN, BCS
 Scotophaeus blackwalli (Thorell),  Platnick & Shadab 1977, BCN
 Sergiolus angustus (Banks),  Platnick & Shadab 1981b, BCN, BCS
 Sergiolus gertschi Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1981b, BCN
 Sergiolus guadalupensis Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1981b, BCN
 Sergiolus montanus (Emerton),  Platnick & Shadab 1981b, BCN
 Synaphosis syntheticus (Chamberlin),  Platnick & Shadab 1980b, BCN
 Trachyzelotes jaxartensis (Kroneberg),  Platnick & Murphy 1984, BCN, BCS
 Urozelotes rusticus (L. Koch),  Platnick & Murphy 1984, BCN, BCS
 Zelotes anglo Gertsch & Reichert,  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCN?
 Zelotes catholicus Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCS
 Zelotes gabriel Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCN?
 Zelotes gynethus Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCN?
 Zelotes mesa Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCN
 Zelotes monachus Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCN, BCS
 Zelotes nilicola (O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCN?, introduced
 Zelotes reformans Chamberlin,  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCN, BCS
 Zelotes santos Platnick & Shadab,  Jimenez 1988b; Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCS
 Zelotes ubicki Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1983, BCS
 Calymmaria californica (Banks),  Chamberlin & Ivie 1937, Heiss & Draney, BCN?
 Calymmaria rosario Heiss & Draney, Heiss & Draney 2000, BCN
 Calymmaria tecate Heiss & Draney, Heiss & Draney 2000, BCN 
 Hahnia sanjuanensis Exline,  Opell & Beatty 1976, BCN

  Neotama mexicana (O. Pickard-Cambridge 1983), Rheims & Brescovit 2004, BCS
 Homalonychus theologus Chamberlin,  Roth 1984, BCN, BCS
 Archoleptoneta schusteri Gertsch,  Gertsch 1974, BCN?
 Eperigone eschatologica (Crosby), Millidge 1987, BCN?, BCS
 Eperigone perplexa Millidge,  Millidge 1987, BCS
 Erigone dentosa Cambridge,  Berrian, Ruiz & Clark 2010, BCN
 Spirembolus fasciatus (Banks),  Millidge 1980, BCN?
 Spirembolus fuscus Millidge,  Millidge 1980, BCN
 Spirembolus hibernus Millidge,  Millidge 1980, BCN?
 Spirembolus levis Millidge,  Millidge 1980, BCN
 Spirembolus pusillus Millidge,  Millidge 1980, BCN?
 Drassinella sclerata (Chamberlin & Ivie),  Platnick & Ubick 1989, BCN?
 Allocosa subparva  Dondale & Redner,  Dondale & Redner 1983b, Jiménez 1988a, BCN, BCS
 Alopecosa kochi (Keyserling),  Dondale & Redner 1979, BCN
 Arctosa littoralis (Hentz),  Dondale & Redner 1983, BCN, BCS
 Arctosa serii Roth and Brown,  Dondale & Redner 1983, Roth & Brown 1976, BCN, BCS
 Camptocosa parallela (Banks), Dondale & Jiménez & Nieto 2005, BCS
 Hogna carolinensis (Walckenaer),  Dondale & Redner 1990, Jiménez & Navarrette 2010,
    BCN, BCS
 Geolycosa sp.,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Pardosa bellona Banks,  Dondale & Redner 1984, BCN, BCS
 Pardosa falcifera F.O. Pickard-Cambridge,  Gertsch 1934, BCN
 Pardosa ramulosa (McCook),  Vogel 1970, Jiménez 1990, BCN, BCS
 Pardosa saltonia Dondale & Redner,  Dondale & Redner 1984, BCN
 Pardosa sierra Banks,  Barnes 1959, BCN, BCS
 Pirata piraticus (Clerck),  Wallace & Exline 1978, BCN?
 Pirata sedentarius Montgomery,  Wallace & Exline 1978, BCN?
 Schizocosa mccooki (Montgomery),  Dondale & Redner 1978a, BCN
 Sosippus californicus Simon,  Brady 1962, BCN
 Syspira longipes Simon,  Olmstead 1975, BCN, BCS
 Syspira tigrina Simon,  Olmstead 1975, BCN, BCS
 Zora hespera Cory & Mott,  Cory & Mott 1991, BCN?

 Oecobius annulipes Lucas,  Shear 1970, Jiménez 1990, BCN, BCS
 Oecobius hoffmannae Jiménez & Llinas,  Jiménez & Llinas 2005, BCS
 Oecobius isolatus Chamberlin,  Shear 1970, Jiménez 1990, BCN?, BCS
 Oecobius putus O. Pickard-Cambridge,  Shear 1970, BCN
 Escaphiella hespera Chamberlin,  Jiménez 1990, BCS
 Oonops stylifer Gertsch,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Oonops sp.,  BCN
 Yumates nesophila Chamberlin,  Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCS
 Hamataliwa banksi (Mello-Leitao),  Brady 1970, BCS
 Hamataliwa grisea Keyserling,  Brady 1970, BCN
 Hamataliwa helia (Chamberlin),  Jiménez 1988a; Chamberlin 1929, Brady 1970, BCS
 Oxyopes flavus Banks,  Brady 1975, BCS
 Oxyopes occidens Brady,  Brady 1975, BCS
 Oxyopes salticus Hentz,  Brady 1975, BCN?
 Oxyopes scalaris Hentz,  Brady 1975, Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCN
 Oxyopes tridens Brady,  Brady 1975, Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCN, BCS
 Peucetia longipalpus F.O. Pickard-Cambridge,  Brady 1964, BCN?, BCS
 Peucetia viridans (Hentz),  Brady 1964, BCN
 Apollophanes margareta Lowrie & Gertsch,  Schick 1965, Dondale & Redner 1975b, BCN?
 Apollophanes texanus Banks,  Dondale & Redner 1975b, BCN
 Ebo merkeli Schick,  Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, BCN?
 Ebo pepinensis Gertsch,  Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, BCN?
 Philodromus anomalus Gertsch,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Philodromus californicus Keyserling,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Philodromus chamisis Schick,  Dondale & Redner 1968, Schick 1965, BCN
 Philodromus coachellae Schick,  Jiménez 1989, BCS
 Philodromus droseroides Schick,  Dondale & Redner 1968, BCN?
 Philodromus gertschi Schick,  Dondale & Redner 1968, BCN?
 Philodromus histrio (Latreille),  Dondale & Redner 1975a, BCN
 Philodromus infuscatus Keyserling,  Dondale & Redner 1969, BCN?, BCS
 Philodromus jimredneri Jiménez,  Jiménez 1989, BCS
 Philodromus marginellus Banks,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Philodromus orarius Schick,  Dondale & Redner 1968, BCN
 Philodromus pericu Jiménez,  Jiménez 1989, BCS
 Philodromus quercicola Schick,  Dondale & Redner 1968, Schick 1965, BCN?, BCS
 Philodromus rodecki Gertsch & Jellison,  Dondale & Redner 1968, BCN?
 Philodromus rufus Walckenaer,  Dondale & Redner 1968, BCN?
 Philodromus spectabilis Keyserling,  Schick 1965, Dondale & Redner 1976, BCN?
 Philodromus verityi Schick,  Dondale & Redner 1969, BCN?
 Thanatus vulgaris Simon,  Schick 1965, Dondale, Turnbull and Redner 1964, BCN?
 Tibellus californicus Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Tibellus chamberlini Gertsch,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Tibellus rothi Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Titanebo albocaudatus Schick,  Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, Muster 2009, BCN?
 Titanebo andreaannae Schick, Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, Muster 2009, BCN?
 Titanebo californicus (Gertsch), Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, Muster 2009, BCN?
 Titanebo creosotis Schick, Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, Muster 2009, BCN?, BCS
 Titanebo dispar Schick,  Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, Muster 2009, BCN?
 Titanebo magnificus (Chamberlin & Ivie), Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, Muster 2009, BCN?
 Titanebo mexicanus Banks,  Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, Muster 2009,
     Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCN
 Titanebo parabolus Schick,  Sauer & Platnick 1972, Schick 1965, Muster 2009, BCN?
 Artema atlanta Walckenaer,  Jiménez 1990, Brignoli 1981, BCN?, BCS
 Chisosa baja (Gertsch),  Huber 2000, BCN
 Physocyclus cornutus Banks,  Jiménez 1990, BCS
 Physocyclus globosus (Taczanowski),  Jiménez 1990, Gertsch & Davis 1942, BCS
 Physocyclus mysticus Chamberlin,  Huber 2000, BCN, BCS
 Physocyclus palmarus Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel,  Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2013, BCS
 Psilochorus californiae Chamberlin,  Chamberlin 1919a, BCN
 Psilochorus minutus Banks,  Jiménez 1990, BCS
 Psilochorus pullulus (Hentz),  Hoffmann 1976, Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCN, BCS
 Tolteca hesperia (Gertsch),  Huber 2000, BCS
 Prurotimpus borealis (Emerton),  Dondale & Redner 1982, Berrian, 2010, BCN   
 Trachelas organatus Platnick & Shadab,  Platnick & Shadab 1974b, BCN
 Trachelas pacificus Chamberlin & Ivie,  Platnick & Shadab 1974b, BCN
 Trachelas speciosus Banks,  Platnick & Shadab 1974b, BCN, BCS

 Kibramoa guapa Gertsch,  Gertsch 1958c, BCN
 Kibramoa isolata Gertsch,  Gertsch 1958c, BCN
 Plectreurys arida Gertsch,  Gertsch 1958c, BCS
 Plectreurys bicolor Banks,  Gertsch 1958c, BCS
 Plectreurys oasa Gertsch,  Gertsch 1958c, BCN?
 Plectreurys tecate Gertsch,  Gertsch 1958c, BCN
 Plectreurys tristis Simon,  Gertsch 1958c, BCN
 Plectreurys valens Chamberlin,  Gertsch 1958c, BCS
 Neozimiris pubescens (Banks),  Platnick & Shadab 1976c, BCN, BCS
 Euophrys banksi Roewer,  Richman,Cutler & Hill 2012, BC?,"species in wrong genus"
 Habronattus ammophilus (Chamberlin),  Griswold 1987, BCN, BCS
 Habronattus anepsius (Chamberlin),  Griswold 1987, BCN?, BCS
 Habronattus californicus (Banks),  Griswold 1987, BCN?
 Habronattus conjunctus (Banks),  Griswold 1987, BCN, BCS
 Habronattus divaricatus (Banks),  Griswold 1987, BCN, BCS
 Habronattus elegans (Peckham & Peckham),  Griswold 1987, BCN
 Habronattus formosus (Banks),  Griswold 1987, BCN?
 Habronattus geronimoi Griswold,  Griswold 1987, BCS
 Habronattus gigas Griswold,  Griswold 1987, BCN
 Habronattus hallani (Richman),  Griswold 1987, BCN, BCS
 Habronattus hirsutus (Peckham & Peckham),  Griswold 1987, BCN, BCS
 Habronattus icenoglei Griswold,  Griswold 1987, BCN?
 Habronattus kawini Griswold,  Griswold 1987, BCN
 Habronattus oregonensis (Peckham & Peckham),  Griswold 1987, Jiménez &
     Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCN
 Habronattus pyrrithrix (Chamberlin),  Griswold 1987, BCN?, BCS
 Habronattus schlingeri Griswold,  Griswold 1987, BCN
 Habronattus signatus (Banks),  Griswold 1987, Jiménez & Navarrette 2010, BCN, BCS
 Habronattus tarsalis (Banks),  Griswold 1987, BCN?
 Habronattus tranquillus (Peckham & Peckham),  Griswold 1987, BCN
 Habronattus ustulatus (Griswold),  Griswold 1987, BCN
 Icius ildefonsus Chamberlin,  Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012, BCN, "Icius not New World"
 Lyssomanes burrera Jiménez & Tejas,  Jiménez & Tejas 1993, BCS
 Lyssomanes pescadero Jiménez & Tejas,  Jiménez & Tejas 1993, BCS
 Marchena minuta (Peckham & Peckham),  Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012, Maddison 1987, BCN
 Menemerus bivittatus (Dufour),  Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012, BCN?, BCS
 Metacyrba taeniola (Hentz),  Edwards 2005, BCN, BCS
 Metaphidippus carmensis (Chamberlin),  Maddison 1996, BCN, BCS         
 Metaphidippus chera (Chamberlin),  Maddison 1996, BCN, BCS
 Metaphidippus diplacis (Chamberlin),  Maddison 1996, BCN
 Metaphidippus manni (Peckham & Peckham),  Maddison 1996, BCN
 Paramarpissa griswoldi Luganov & Cutler,  Jiménez 2007, BCN, BCS
 Peckhamia americana (Peckham & Peckham),  Peckham & Peckham 1909, Berrian, 2010, 
      Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012, BCN, "species in the West are undescribed"
 Peckhamia picata (Hentz),  Jiménez 2007, BCS
 Pelegrina aeneola (Curtis),  Maddison 1996, BCN
 Pelegrina helenae (Banks),  Maddison 1996, BCN?
 Phidippus arizonensis (Peckham & Peckham),  Richman & Cutler, 1988, Banks ?, BCN
 Phidippus audax (Hentz), Edwards 2004, BCN?
 Phidippus johnsoni (Peckham & Peckham),  Peckham & Peckham 1909, BCN
 Phidippus tyrelli Peckham & Peckham,  Richman & Cutler 1988, Banks 1901, BCN
 Platycryptus californicus (Peckham & Peckham),  Richman & Cutler 1988, Barnes 1958, BCN
 Pseudicius” siticulosus Peckham & Peckham,  Peckham & Peckham 1909,
      Maddison 1996, BCN (not a Pseudicius, Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012)
 Salticus palpalis (Banks),  Richman & Cutler 1988, Jiménez 2007, BCN, BCS
 Sarinda cutleri (Richman),  Richman & Cutler 1988, BCN
 Sassacus papenhoei Peckham & Peckham,  Richman 2008, BCN
 Sassacus paiutus (Gertsch),  Richman 2008, BCN
 Sassacus vitis (Cockerell),  Richman 2008, BCN, BCS (Jiménez 2007 as Dendryphantes melanomerus)
 Sitticus concolor (Banks),  Jiménez 2007, BCS
 Sitticus peninsulanus (Banks),  Richman & Cutler 1988, BCN?, BCS?
 Synageles noxiosus (Hentz),  Cutler 1987, BCN
 Synageles occidentalis Cutler,  Cutler 1987, BCN?
 Thiodina hespera Richman & Vetter,  Richman & Vetter 2004,  Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012,
       BCN, BCS                                                                                                 
 Scytodes chantico  Rheims, Brescovit & Durán-BarrónRheims, 2007, "Baja California"
 Scytodes fusca Walckenaer,  Rheims, et. al. 2007, Jiménez 1990, Valerio 1981, BCS
 Scytodes nanahuatzin Rheims, Brescovit & Durán-Barrón,  Rheims, 2007, BCN
 Scytodes redempta Chamberlin,  Rheims, 2007, BCN, BCS
 Scytodes univittata Simon,  Rheims, 2007, Jiménez 1990 (as S. perfecta), BCN, BCS
 Ariadna bicolor (Hentz),  Beatty 1970, BCN, BCS
 Ariadna fidicina (Chamberlin),  Beatty 1970, BCN
 Ariadna pragmatica Chamberlin,  Beatty 1970, BCN
 Selenops actophilus Chamberlin,  Muma 1953, BCS
 Selenops nesophilus Chamberlin,  Muma 1953, BCN?
SICARIIDAE (Loxoscelidae)
 Loxosceles arizonica Gertsch & Mulaik,  Gertsch 1958, BCN
 Loxosceles baja Gertsch & Ennik,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCS
 Loxosceles barbara Gertsch & Ennik,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCS
 Loxosceles carmena Gertsch & Ennik,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCS
 Loxosceles deserta Gertsch,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCN
 Loxosceles francisca Gertsch & Ennik,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCN
 Loxosceles manuela Gertsch & Ennik,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCN
 Loxosceles mulege Gertsch & Ennik,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCS
 Loxosceles palma Gertsch & Ennik,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCN
 Loxosceles rothi Gertsch & Ennik,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCS
 Loxosceles unicolor Keyserling,  Gertsch & Ennick 1983, BCN, BCS
 Olios giganteus Keyserling,  Rheims 2010, Jiménez 1988a, BCN, BCS
 Olios naturalisticus Chamberlin,  Rheims 2010, BCN
 Olios peninsulanus Banks,  Rheims 2010, BCN, BCS
 Socalchemmis catavina Platnick & Ubick,  Platnick & Ubick 2001, BCN
 Socalchemmis kastoni Platnick & Ubick,  Platnick & Ubick 2001, BCN
 Socalchemmis rothi  Platnick & Ubick,  Platnick & Ubick  2001, BCN
 Socalchemmis williamsi  Platnick & Ubick,  Platnick & Ubick 2001, BCN
 Glenognatha foxi (McCook),  Levi 1980, BCN?
 Glenognatha minuta Banks,  Levi 1980, BCS
 Leucauge argyra (Walckenaer),  Levi 1980, BCS
 Leucauge venusta (Walckenaer),  Levi 1980, BCN?, BCS
 Metellina mimetoides Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1980, BCN
 Tetragnatha elongata Walckenaer,  Levi 1981, BCS
 Tetragnatha guatemalensis O. Pickard-Cambridge,  Levi 1981, BCN, BCS
 Tetragnatha laboriosa Hentz,  Levi 1981, BCN
 Tetragnatha nitens (Audouin),  Levi 1981, BCN, BCS
 Tetragnatha pallescens F.O. Pickard-Cambridge,  Levi 1981, BCN?
 Tetragnatha versicolor Walckenaer,  Levi 1981, BCN
 Achaearanea schullei (Gertsch & Malaik),  Levi 1955a, Levi 1963b, BCN?
 Anelosimus analyticus (Chamberlin),  Levi 1956b, Jiménez 1990, BCN, BCS
 Anelosimus studiosus (Hentz),  Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Argyroides elevatus Taczanowski,  Exline & Levi 1962, Jiménez 1990, BCN?, BCS
 Asagena fulva (Keyserling), Gertsch 1960 (as Steatoda), Wunderlich 2008, BCN, BCS
 Asagena medialis (Banks),  Gertsch 1960, Jiménez 1990, Levi 1957b (all as Steatoda), Wunderlich 
     2008 BCN, BCS
 Asagena pulchra (Keyserling),  Jiménez 1990 (as Steatoda), Wunderlich 2008, BCS
 Chrosiothes iviei Levi,  Levi 1964e, BCN?
 Crustulina sticta (O. Pickard-Cambridge),  Levi 1957b, BCN
 Dipoena malkini Levi,  Levi 1953, BCN
 Emertonella taczanowskii Keyserling, Jiménez 1988a (as Euryopis), Levi 1963a, BCS
 Euryopis californica Banks,  Levi 1954b, BCN
 Lasaeola prona (Menge),  Levi 1953, Levi 1963a, Levi & Randolph 1975, BCN?
 Latrodectus geometricus C.L. Koch,  Jimenez 1988a, BCS
 Latrodectus hesperus Chamberlin & Ivie,  Kaston 1970, BCN
 Parasteatoda tepidariorum (C.L.Koch),  Levi 1955a, Levi 1963b, Saaristo 2006, BCN?
 Platnickina alabamense Gertsch & Archer,  Levi 1957a (as Theridion),  Kocak & Kemal 2008,  
 Spintharus flavidus Hentz,  Levi 1954b, BCN
 Steatoda grossa (C.L. Koch),  Levi 1957b, Levi 1962, BCN, BCS,
 Steatoda hespera Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1957b, BCN
 Steatoda palomara Chamberlin & Ivie,  Levi 1957b, BCN?
 Steatoda punctulata (Marx),  Gertsch 1960, BCS
 Steatoda transversa (Banks),  Levi 1957b, BCS
 Steatoda triangulosa (Walckenaer),  Levi 1957b, BCN?
 Steatoda washona Gertsch,  Gertsch 1960, BCN
 Theridion hemerobium Emerton,  Levi 1957a (as T. berkeleyi), Bossmans, et. al. 1994, BCN?
 Theridion dilutum Levi,  Levi 1957a, BCN?
 Theridion geminipunctum Chamberlin,  Levi 1957a, BCN
 Theridion goodnightorum Levi,  Levi 1957a, BCN?
 Theridion kawea Levi,  Levi 1957a, BCN?
 Theridion lawrencei Gertsch & Archer,  Levi 1957a, BCN?
 Theridion leechi Gertsch & Archer,  Levi 1957a, BCN?
 Theridion melanurum Hahn,  Levi 1957a, BCN?
 Theridion neomexicanum Banks,  Levi 1957a, BCN?
 Theridion positivum Chamberlin,  Levi 1957a, Levi 1963c, BCN, BCS
 Theridion punctipes Emerton,  Levi 1957a, BCN
 Theridion submissum Gertsch & Davis,  Jiménez 1988a, BCS
 Thymoites expulsus (Gertsch & Mulaik),  Levi 1957a, BCN?
 Thymoites pallidus (Emerton),  Levi 1957a, Levi & Randolph 1975, BCN?
 Thymoites pictipes (Banks),  Levi 1957a, Levi & Randolph 1975, BCN?
 Tidarren sisyphoides (Walckenaer),  Levi 1955; Jiménez 1988a, BCN, BCS
 Wamba crispulus (Simon),  Levi 1963, Levi 1957a (as Theridion intervallatum), Berrian, 2010, 
 Coriarachne utahensis (Gertsch),  Bowling & Sauer 1975, BCN?
 Diaea pictilis (Banks),  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Isaloides yollotl Jimenez,  Jiménez 1992, BCS
 Misumenoides formosipes (Walckenaer),  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Misumenoides quetzaltcoatl Jimenez,  Jiménez 1992, BCS
 Mecaphesa aikoae Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Mecaphesa californica (Banks),  Schick 1965, Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCN
 Mecaphesa celer (Hentz),  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Mecaphesa deserti Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Mecaphesa dubius (Keyserling),  Schick 1965; Jiménez 1988a, BCN?, BCS
 Mecaphesa importunus (Keyserling),  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Mecaphesa lepidus (Thorell),  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Mecaphesa oblongus (Keyserling),  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Mecaphesa rothi Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Tmarus angulatus (Walckenaer),  Schick 1965, Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel, 2012, BCN
 Tmarus ehecatltocatl Jimenez,  Jiménez 1992, BCS
 Tmarus salai Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Xysticus aprilinus Bryant,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Xysticus californicus Keyserling,  Schick 1965, Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCN
 Xysticus chaparralis Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Xysticus cunctator Thorell,  Gertsch 1953, Jiménez 1990, BCN, BCS
 Xysticus discursans Keyserling,  Dondale & Redner 1978b, BCN 
 Xysticus gertschi Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Xysticus gulosus Keyserling,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Xysticus ivei Schick,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Xysticus lassanus Chamberlin,  Schick 1965, BCN?, BCS
 Xysticus loculpes Keyserling,  Schick 1965, Jiménez 2004,  Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCN
 Xysticus lutzi Gertsch,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Xysticus montanensis Keyserling,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Xysticus pellax O.Pickard-Cambridge,  Gertsch 1953, BCN
 Xysticus piercei Schick, Schick 1965, Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel 2012, BCN
 Xysticus pretiosus Gertsch,  Schick 1965, BCN?
 Titanoeca nigrella (Chamberlin),  Leech 1972, BCN
 Meriola californica Banks,  Platnick & Shadab 1974b, BCN
 Meriola decepta (Banks),  Platnick & Shadab 1974b, Jiménez 1990, BCN
 Philoponella oweni (Chamberlin),  Opell 1979, BCS
 Uloborus diversus Marx,  Muma & Gertsch 1964, BCN
 Lutica n. sp. B Ramirez & Beckwitt,  Gertsch 1961, Ramirez & Beckwitt 1995, BCN
 Lutica n. sp. C Ramirez & Beckwitt,  Gertsch 1961, Ramirez & Beckwitt 1995, BCN, BCS
 Zorocrates badius Simon,  Platnick & Ubick 2007, BCS
 Zorocrates pictus Simon, Platnick & Ubick 2007, BCS


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