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Fossil Preparation, Curation, and Storage

PaleoServices is well equipped for the preparation, identification, curation, and storage of any fossils that are salvaged during paleontological mitigation programs—both for fossils salvaged by our own paleontological monitors, and by other firms.

The Museum boasts a state-of-the-art fossil preparation laboratory, curation laboratory, off-site screen-washing facility, 3,120-square-feet of compactorized collection storage space onsite, and 2,100-square-feet of collection storage space at an offsite warehouse. The Museum also maintains a scientific research library that contains extensive holdings of geological and paleontological literature, and houses comparative specimen collections in the birds and mammals, herpetology, botany, and marine invertebrate departments. These latter resources are invaluable for the precise and efficient identification of fossil specimens.

The Museum is a recognized professional repository for fossils recovered from southern California and Baja California. Once fossils are curated into the Museum’s paleontological collections, the institution assumes the considerable responsibility for their permanent care. These fossils are held in the public trust, and are available for the education and enjoyment of future generations—the end goal of any paleontological mitigation program.