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Paleontological Resource Assessment

PaleoServices staff can serve as expert witnesses and provide paleontological resource assessments, field surveys, mitigation plans, regional background studies, and more. More.

Paleontological Mitigation

PaleoServices has more than three decades of experience in providing paleontological monitoring across various projects, all with an impeccable safety record, and no significant project delays. More.

Fossil Preparation, Curation, and Storage

The San Diego Natural History Museum is a recognized regional repository for fossils salvaged in southern California, and has state-of-the-art facilities, resources, and staff expertise to complete fossil preparation and curation, and to professionally house specimens for future generations. More.

Museum Records Searches

The Museum processes records search requests of its extensive paleontological collections, which include more than 1.3 million specimens recovered from over 5,000 documented collection sites. Request a records search of the Museum’s paleontological collections. More.