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Baja California Plant Field Guide

"The desert regions of Baja California and southern California satisfy my need for scientific adventure while providing a sense of excitement towards botany, reverence for nature and its unaltered beauty, appreciation for the complexity of natural history, and an overall feeling of peace and purpose." – Jon Rebman, Ph.D.

Over 715 different plants in more than 350 genera in 111 families are described in the third and newest edition of Baja California Plant Field Guide. Authored by the 2011 San Diego Horticulturist of the Year, Dr. Jon P. Rebman, the book offers tribute to the late Norman C. Roberts, author of the first two editions. As the definitive work on the plants of Baja California, this title will be of great interest not only to botanists in the peninsula, but also to plant enthusiasts in southern California, as 50% of the species listed are also found in southern California and the Sonora desert.