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Making of an Exhibition

  • Making a scale model of the Eocene diorama helps the design team determine the "look and feel" of the exhibit.
  • Maggie prepares a fossil whale for the exhibition. The lower jaw bones are on the cart and the remainder of the skull is in back.
  • Doug made a life-sized model of one of our condors. This model will be sent to the fabrication contractor to create a new enclosure for the real condor.
  • A view of the big American lion (standing on the unpainted "rocks") is seen partially completed at the fabricator's studio. The trees will be installed in our Eocene diorama.
  • Nose to nose with our big American lion.
  • Our American lion ready to pounce.
  • Detail view inside the rock pile. It's a mystery what you may discover there...
  • Small mammals about to consume a decaying dinosaur carcass.
  • The making of our Eocene diorama. It's filled with critters.
  • Please do not feed the cute little furry critters in our Eocene diorama.
  • Our baby mastodon kept her eye on the progress.
  • When no one is around, our young mastodon walks about the Fossil Mysteries exhibition.
  • A sneak peak at our mastodon skeleton in front of a Bill Stout mural.