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Activities You Can Do at Home

Stay busy—and learn something along the way. These family-friendly activities can be done at home or throughout your neighborhood.

DIY Crafts

Want to make something? Here you'll find step by step guides and inspiration ideas from The Nat team, including these Mother's Day Upcycled Tulips, Leaf Foxes, Social Butterflies, Rock Art, and simple instructions for an Insect Home.

Coloring Pages

Color some critters! Start by learning about, and coloring, the California Condor or Turkey Vulture.

All About Bees

A collection of videos and activity ideas about bees. Join a reading of Please Please the Bees and get a couple crafting ideas at the end, and check out how you can help us monitor bee populations with our nearby nature search for bees in San Diego County.

Nature Bingo

Get outside and find all nature has to offer in your own backyard. Multiple players, who can each explore different areas of the yard, a park, or the neighborhood, can use this printable pdf. Nature Bingo (English PDF / Spanish PDF)

“Something” Nature Scavenger Hunt

The search is on. Get outside to “collect” sights, sounds, smells, and textures. Use photos to document your finds, or simply check them off the list. Nature Scavenger Hunt (English PDF / Spanish PDF)

Mineral Scavenger Hunt

We value minerals for their beauty and rarity, but they also have practical uses. The roads we drive on, the buildings we live in, and the technology we hold in our hands all depend on minerals. You’ll be surprised at how many household products contain minerals. Print out this scavenger hunt to find them in your own home. Mineral Scavenger Hunt (English PDF / Spanish PDF)

Color Balboa Park

Take a virtual walk through the Park with these printable coloring pages from the Balboa Park Sustainability Program, part of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. This is part of the 'Every Day is Earth Day' coloring book challenge to #ColorBalboaPark. 'Every Day is Earth Day' Coloring Book.