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Virtual Field Trips

Engage in narrated walk-throughs of our most popular exhibitions, featuring content that aligns with standards and explores the wonders of our natural world. These can be viewed as a whole or in topical segments

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Welcome to Fossil Mysteries

What did San Diego look like millions of years ago? Uncover the answer in this video tour of our exhibition Fossil Mysteries. (2:47 minutes)

From dinosaurs to mastodons to ancient sea cows, discover the rich fossil history of our region. Traveling through a 75-million-year timeline—from the age of dinosaurs to the Ice Age—experience an unfolding of the prehistory of Southern California and the Baja California, Peninsula in Mexico. Recommended for grades 2+.

For supplementary materials, you can find lesson plans for Fossil Mysteries and other exhibitions here.

Welcome to Coast to Cactus

Join us for a video tour that will introduce you to our exhibition Coast to Cactus in Southern California. Welcome to this beautiful place we call home. (2:29 minutes)

Not only is Southern California one of the nicest places to live, it's also one of the most interesting places in the world for its amazing diversity of plant and animal life. This series can be watched in its entirety or can be viewed in shorter, topical segments. Let’s explore. Recommended for grades 2+.

Please enjoy these activities to complement your virtual field trip to Coast to Cactus on Southern California.

Living Lab

Meet our region’s not-so-cuddly residents in Living Lab through this single video tour of the exhibition. (11:39)

Let us bring you eye to eye with animals that are common to our region, but sometimes rarely seen because of their seasonality, reclusive nature, or nocturnal lifestyle habits. Learn about unique adaptations that help animals survive. Recommended for grades 2+.