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Nat Talks, made possible with support from presenting sponsor The Downing Family Foundation and media partner KPBS, feature museum staff and outside experts speaking on an array of topics, including the latest in scientific research, history, conservation, and the natural world.

Purchase tickets by clicking on the link associated with each event. To view recorded talks and lectures, visit our YouTube playlist. Please note that all talks are offered in local time (PST/PDT).

Upcoming Events

Nat Talk: Native Bees and the Plants They Love

Thursday, June 20, 2024 7 PM

Hear from Cabrillo National Monument’s vegetation tech, Patirica Simpson, and PhD student and entomologist, Jess Mullins, about San Diego’s tiny heroes, the plants they love, and how you can support them in your backyard!    

It’s bee season and there is a chance you have probably seen several kinds of species of bees buzzing around you!  

San Diego County boasts incredible biodiversity, with over 2,500 plant species and more than 700 bee species. With challenges facing our native bees from habitat loss to climate change, now is the time to learn practical tips on creating bee-friendly habitats.   

Patricia and Jess will share the vast diversity of local pollinators, the threats they face, and how you can support pollinators by joining community scientists in monitoring them and creating habitats for them in your yards.   

Don’t miss this opportunity to better understand how to protect nature’s tiny heroes and become a steward for our region’s incredible biodiversity!   

Tickets are $12 for non-members and $9 for members.      

Before or after the Nat Talk, be sure to walk through our new outdoor exhibit, the Nature Trail, full of native plants for our local pollinators to enjoy!   

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Past Talks

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Climate Change Series

Throughout 2021, The Nat and Climate Science Alliance collaborated to offer a series of evening talks and daytime lessons around climate change. These quarterly events dove into the complex topic of our changing climate. The more we know, the better we can respond to what is happening. Watch the series and be empowered.