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San Diego County Plant Atlas Reaches 1 Million Observations on iNaturalist!

Community scientists gather more data than ever before.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a monumental milestone in botanical discovery and conservation in our regionthe San Diego County Plant Atlas project has officially reached 1 million observations on iNaturalist 

The San Diego County Plant Atlas is a multi-year community science project designed to better understand the diversity and distribution of the local flora of San Diego County. Since its inception in 2003, the Plant Atlas, spearheaded by The Nat, has been on a mission to uncover the rich tapestry of plant life that thrives across our diverse landscapes  

This achievement is a testament to the dedication of researchers and volunteer plant enthusiasts who have traversed our county's terrains, collecting data and photographing specimens of more than 2,800 species via the iNaturalist platform. We have added many new native and non-native plant records to the county, rediscovered lost species, and even identified serious invasive plants, which led to their removal. 

In addition to increasing floristic diversity with photographed specimens, we have also expanded our physical herbarium collection by over 72,000 specimens—all of which provide invaluable resources for researchers, educators, and the general public at 

As we celebrate this incredible landmark, we extend our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the San Diego County Plant Atlas. Your passion for plant life and commitment to community science have significantly enriched our understanding of local flora and bolstered conservation efforts. Here's to a million more observations and the continued exploration of San Diego's botanical wonders! 

Posted by The Nat.

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