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People Who Made The Nat: Kate Brown and Frank Stephens

She was a paleontologist. He was a mammalogist. They fell in love. The rest is natural history. 

Kate Brown was a nationally known paleo malacologist with a special interest in the shells of San Diego. Frank Stephens studied birds and mammals. They were both early members of the San Diego Society of Natural History.  

The birds and the bees took over. Kate and Frank married, and they spent many happy years traveling together on collecting trips and creating early museum exhibits. They loved each other, they loved nature, and they loved sharing it with others. 

Celebrate nature with us all year long. You don’t need to be a scientist to take part in our programs—from Nature Studio to Nat Talks and everything in between.  

The story of The Nat is the story of regular people doing special things. People who love nature and want to enjoy it and protect it for others. They made us who we are today. And today, big things are happening as we celebrate our 150th anniversary. We’re here for nature. And we’re here because of people like you, who love it as much as we do. Learn how to be part of the biggest year in our history. 

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