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People Who Made The Nat: Ethel Bailey Higgins

After the financial crash of 1929 and her husband’s death, Ethel Bailey Higgins was alone in the world. She was widowed, age 67, with 14 cents to her name. But her life was about to bloom.  

She loved plants and photography and took comfort in learning more about both. Her beautiful photos of flowers soon caught the attention of botanists at museums and universities. Less than five years after her world had crashed around her, she was named curator of botany at the San Diego Natural History Museum.  

The Nat has always been a welcoming place for people who love nature. Even the late bloomers. 

We invite you to celebrate nature with us all year long. Follow the progress of our new garden, which will surround the Museum with beautiful and beneficial native plants. This free amenity for all Balboa Park visitors will open this summer and serve as our birthday gift back to the community.  

The story of The Nat is the story of regular people doing special things. People who love nature and want to enjoy it and protect it for others. They made us who we are today. And today, big things are happening as we celebrate our 150th anniversary. We’re here for nature. And we’re here because of people like you, who love it as much as we do. Learn how to be part of the biggest year in our history. 

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